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Freight House Village.jpg

Freight House Village

2015 Walnut Street

Project Type

Historic renovation & new development 


230 Apartments

12 Row Houses


Project Overview 

Freight House Village will be a new master planned mixed-use village neighborhood featuring historic office, apartments and row houses. This area is home to the freight storage buildings historically used for commercial products traveling via rail to Kansas at Union Station. As a midpoint to all points across the country, the area's historic buildings have been maintained over time due to the fact that they are far enough away from the center of downtown and were never demolished when these storage houses became obsolete with more technology and efficient transportation. Housing in this area is highly desirable and demand is at an all-time high. 

Building & Area Amenities 

  • Approximately 230 residential apartments

  • Shared parking garage

  • Brand new row homes

  • Connection to Greenline KC, an 8-mile recreational path around downtown KC

  • KC Streetcar connection

  • Easy access to area services, bars and restaurants 

  • Pedestrian and pet friendly 

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